About Rogier Dulac

As a child I was already interested in music. Throughout my day I sat on my radio cassette recorder to record the best music from the radio. When housemusic came up, I got mixtapes from Parkzicht from classmates. This music was so innovative and refreshing that it stole my heart. Once I had a job I bought my own records and used second-hand turntables.
At home, in my room I mixed the most diverse records. .

Eventually I played at parties and festivals.
For five years I have been a resident DJ at Zinniz in Oud - Beijerland. I have also played in Germany, Hungary, Dubai and I regularly perform in Belgium. I most often play together with Miss Autumn Leaves, where I also produce music for.

In the early days, I learned from a friend how to make music with midi. I started producing my own music with an Atatri ST and a synthesis module from Roland.
In the end, I worked with Protools, Logic and Cubase and I had several hardware synths like the JP8080 and Virus B.
Today, I mainly use VST synths for the sounds. 
From 2007 to 2010 I had the Dulac and Dubois project together with another producer. Its music was especially trance.
At the moment, I mainly produce Miss Autumn Leaves and under the auspices of Rogier Dulac.


Next Tuesday 15th of August 2017 , Miss autumn leaves and I will play at Blue Buddha Oostende

September 9, Miss autumn leaves and I will play at Edel Antwerp

16th of September , Miss autumn leaves and I will play at Blue Buddha Oostende

Miss Autumn Leaves

Rogier is ghostproducer and dj for Miss Autumn Leaves. Together with other musicians they guarantee a succesfull party.


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